Top 10 des idées de tours à jouer avec vos lutins de Noël.

Top 10 ideas for tricks to play with your Christmas elves.

December is fast approaching, and one guest is just around the corner: the famous Christmas prankster. Still looking for inspiration and ideas for his mischief this year? Here are 10 wonderful scene ideas for your little ones.

1. The elf and his flour angel

Elves are great pranksters, but they love making angels out of flour even more. Their favorite winter activity!

A simple and fun idea. All you need is flour. If flour isn't available, you can use whatever you have on hand. Rice, candy, coffee beans... you name it!

2. The kidnapping of the elf

Not everyone is happy with the arrival of the Christmas elf. This is what happens to pranksters!

This scene is performed by soldiers who hold the elf hostage. However, it can be reproduced with your child's various toys. Use your imagination to bring this scene to life!

3. Elf vandalism

One naughty leprechaun's specialty is making a mess. He loves emptying cupboards and sugar containers, but his favorite trick is filling the room with toilet paper.

Use your toilet paper to "decorate" your house. When your child wakes up in the morning, he'll be amazed by your elf's devastating talents. You can always limit the damage to a few sheets of paper.

4. The fishing elves

The elves also need to feed themselves, and their favorite meal is fish. Fishing is a relaxing activity during the stressful holiday season.

Use your little ones' Goldfish snacks to create this fun scene. Create a little fishing rod with a stick and some string. All you have to do is fill a basin with water and wait for the fish to bite!

5. An elf at the beach

Who doesn't enjoy a nice day at the beach? Winter never stops an elf from basking in the warmth of the beach. Make your little friend comfortable on his little towel.

You can add brown sugar to replicate the effect of beach sand. Don't be afraid to accessorize this scene with small accessories for your elf, such as a pair of sunglasses, sun cream and even a small parasol.

6. The Christmas choir

Christmas is known not only for its warm atmosphere, but also for its enchanting carols. Your elf just can't get enough of holiday melodies. Now he's got his own choir!

Use your groceries to build up this magnificent performance. Make the most of the various fruits and objects at your disposal. Then all you have to do is draw little singing mouths with a sharpie. Let the elf take charge of this Christmas harmony.

7. The graffiti

An artist at heart, the elf loves to show off his talents. He'll draw on anything in his possession, even portraits.

Here's a way to make your kids laugh every time. There's no need to get complicated: all you need is 2 items: an erasable marker and a photo. Be careful not to use a permanent marker, unless you want to keep that beautiful moustache!

8. The elf : a great player

Addicted to games, the elf is a great poker player! He's a fan of all types of board games! Don't let him cheat this time! He loves to play tricks.

Set up your elf with his friends around a board game. A heartwarming scene that's fun to watch! You can always build your own board game.

You can always opt for a game of Twister!

9. The snow battle

The elf is a formidable opponent when it comes to snowball fights. Anyone who comes up against him will be warned!

Here's your chance to put your leftover marshmallows to good use. Build a fort with your large marshmallows and the small ones as ammunition for your players. Add atmosphere with flour or sugar on the ground to imitate snow. May the best player win!

10. The hairdressing elf

Need a new haircut to impress relatives this holiday season? Don't trust the prankster elf! You won't have any hair left on your head!

For this scene, use an old toy that your child no longer wants. Give it an original haircut! And there you have it!

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