Mythes et astuces sur l’entretien de votre sapin de Noël

Christmas tree care myths and tips

You receive your Bôsapin and notice that it's losing its needles? Worried it's going to last right up to the Christmas festivities? Don't worry, this blog contains everything you need to know about the myths surrounding the care of your tree, as well as tips on how to keep it looking fresh and beautiful for as long as possible!

Christmas tree care myths

A fir tree that looses its needles means its dead

FALSE! A fir tree will have a normal loss of needles! It's perfectly normal to find needles on the ground. Unlike Fraser fir, balsam fir loses more of its needles, but never to the point of losing its beautiful density!

A fir tree that doesn't drink water is dead

FALSE! Before handing over your tree, the delivery person will make what's called a "fresh cut", meaning that it's cut off at the trunk to facilitate hydration. If you notice that your tree isn't drinking its water, it could simply be due for a cut!

A fir tree with red needles is dead

FALSE! A fir tree grows for about 8 years before being cut, so it's possible for some needles to turn red. Normally, they fall off naturally in the field, but they can also remain there when the tree is in your home. Dry needles tend to be yellow, and branches break easily.

Christmas tree care tips

Proper hydration keeps your tree looking beautiful longer

It's a good idea to water the tree daily, as it consumes a lot of water every day. For this reason, it's important to check regularly for water at the base of the tree.

Do not leave the tree near a source of heat

Leaving the tree near a heat source such as a fireplace or a space heater is not recommended. Also, a window that lets in too much sunlight can dry out the tree.

Care for your tree with a care kit

Maintenance kits are available to keep your tree fresh. Visit our website to discover the care kit, which includes a preservative and a storage bag.

It's important to remember that a tree is a plant! Although it receives the necessary care, it may not be perfect.

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