Comment créer la journée cocooning idéale!

How to create the perfect cocooning day!

The arrival of colder weather means it is time for a cocooning day! Yes, after a hectic summer, it's important to take a few days to decompress and recharge. Here are 5 things that will make your next cocooning day a success!

1. Listen to good movies and series!

We all have our classics that we love to watch during fall time! It is the perfect time to eat some popcorn and enjoy your favorite series and movies! We recommend Harry Potter or even Gilmore Girls, perfect to binge watch during cold days!


2. Create a warm atmosphere

Nothing is better than having a cozy home to enjoy this cocooning day! Gather your blankets and light up your favorite fall candle! It is also the perfect day to wear your favorite cozy pyjamas and fuzzy socks.

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3. Cook a comforting dish or snack

Watching a movie is so much better with a little something to eat! Whether it's popcorn or pillsbury cookies, it's time to eat without depriving yourself! It can also be fun to make your own hot chocolate and personalize it with marshmallows, caramel, a candy cane and cinnamon!

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4. Create a home spa

If the idea of a movie doesn't appeal to you, opt for a spa day at home! Prepare a face mask, relaxing music and a eucalyptus candle to immerse your mind in a feeling of relaxation. Put time on pause with a meditation in the comfort of your own home.

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5. Create some art

Take advantage of this cocooning day to let your creative juices flow! Put on some good music and let yourself go with a painting or pottery project. This activity can be fun and relaxing for the whole family!


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