Baumier vs. Cook

Balsam vs. Cook


The Balsam fir is the favorite of Quebecers, it is the best-selling Christmas tree in the province. This one is characterized by its pronounced smell of fresh fir wich will spread everywhere in your house! Compared to Cook, Balsam is lighter green. When we say "green fir" , we are referring to the color of the Balsam tree.


Cook fir has a tinge of green a bit bluish than Balsam. This one is more resistant, its branches are more robusts. Its spines are stronger and tend to fall less quickly. However, a fir tree remains a plant, even if we take all the precautions possible to have Christmas tree of higher qualities, some aspects are out of our control. Wich means that buying a Cook does not "garantee" you to have a tree that does not lose its spines.

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