Astuces pour décorer vos petits espaces tout en respectant votre budget

Tips to decorate your small spaces while respecting your budget.

Who doesn’t feel excited as the holiday season approaches? The lights, the music, the festive atmosphere and the decorations make you both nostalgic and joyful. You love Christmas, but your small apartment and limited budget don’t allow you to invest in your dream Christmas tree. Whether you’re a student or just trying to spend less this year, we have the solution for you. Fortunately, there are many ways to transform your apartment to get into the holiday spirit on a budget. Here are a few tips that could be very useful if you find yourself in one of these situations.

Decorate your walls

The best way to save space is to use your boring white walls as a canvas. One trend we suggest is to glue fir branches to the wall. The 2D representation below doesn’t waste any space, but still has the effect of a fir tree. We suggest using real branches. You can also get them from your neighbor or simply order them from Bôsapin from this link, click here. It’s a low cost solution! To add more realism to this idea, we suggest using essential oils to imitate the comforting smell of a fir tree. You can get essential oils on our website from this link, click here. Now it is your turn to put a personal touch to your tree with decorations of all kinds.


Here is a different way to customize your idea buy using creativity and maximizing your space!

Why not build your own illuminated tree? You just need to get some small lights, some ribbon and that’s it. Make your experience easier by directly buying your lights on our website, click here.


For an alternative you can use the fir tree branches to make shapes, designs or even Christmas wreaths. What could be better than a beautiful wreath to welcome guests to your home. We also suggest buying a blank wreath here to add your own decorations. If DIY is not your strength, you can always order your fully decorated wreath at an affordable price directly form the Bôsapin’s web site, click here.



Accentuate your Christmas decor with your windows

Whether you have a small or a large space you can always use your windows in your Christmas décor. To do so, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money for quality equipment, a simple window pencil can do the trick. You can easily find these tools at a retailer. Writing beautiful, personalized words and drawing to your artistic capacity is now possible.


If designs are not your forte, you can always get prints that you can simply apply to your windows or mirrors.


A miniature version: mini, but pretty

You can maximize your space by adding decorations to your small unused corners. For example, the stair banister, the windowsill, the center of a table, the door handle and more.

A mini tree

More in vogue than ever, the small Christmas tree continues to be a popular choice for the holiday. Ultra practical is small spaces, this mini tree invites itself as well to the table, at the foot of the tree or on a windowsill.

This Christmas trend appeals not only to those who have a smaller budget, but also to those whose space does not allow huge tree filled with balls and garlands. Whether it is mounted on top of a pile of presents or used as a centerpiece, the Bôsapin mini-Christmas tree never ceases to be a great conversation starter. Order yours now, click here!


What could be cuter than the miniature wooden soldiers. They come in all shapes and sizes. These little holiday soldiers, despite their small size, bring a warm Christmas atmosphere. You can scatter them all over your house; in front or your window, on your bedside table or on one of your many shelves. You can get your wooden soldiers here!

Are you looking for something fun to do and to decorate your living room at the same time? These customizable wooden soldiers are fun and perfect for small budgets. Dazzle your loved ones with your handmade decorations. Get your wooden soldiers set on our website here.



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