5 tips to make your christmas tree last longer

Make a fresh cut before installing your tree. The fresh cut improve the absorption of water, so, at the same time, makes it less dry. You can read our article about the fresh cut HERE.

Use our maintenance kit. Following the addition of a Christmas tree to your basket, you will access the accessory section where you can buy our maintenance kit to keep the freshness of the tree and a bag for the end of the holiday season.

produit kit.jpg

Do not install your tree next to a window or a heat source. If the sun hits the tree direclty, it will accelerate its dryness and the fall of its needles. Just like a contact with a furnace, a fireplace or a very hot light.

Be sure to moisten the tree at all times. Chek often if the tree still has water at its base.

Put some additives in the water. Indeed, you can add vodka that will eliminate some harmful bacteria for your tree or aspirin crumb that will allow a better diffusion of water in the trunk and strenghten its immune system.

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