Top 10 des films de Noël

Top 10 best Christmas movies

1. Home Alone

The McCallister family has decided to spend Christmas in Paris. Only Kate and Peter McCallister noticed on the plane that they were missing their youngest child, Kevin. At first desperate, Kevin quickly took control of things and organized himself to live as well as possible. When two burglars choose his house to commit their crimes. (Allocinéexternal link)

2. The Santa Clause

Scott Calvin, a father in a difficult relationship with his son Charlie, whom he now only sees occasionally, witnesses Santa's accident. Scott, at first surprised but above all reluctant, agreed to take on what he believed was an interim position, including the distribution of gifts. An elf of Santa Claus, Bernard, then informed Scott that he had officially become Santa Claus. (Allociné)

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3. Polar Express

A young boy who begins to doubt the existence of Santa Claus gets on a mysterious train to the North Pole. As the Polar Express goes into enchanted lands, they will be surrounded by adventure. (Allociné

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4. Grinch

Every year at Christmas, the Chous come to disturb the solitary tranquility of the Grinch with ever more grandiose, brilliant and noisy celebrations. When the Chous declare that they will celebrate Christmas three times as hard this year, the Grinch realizes that he has only one solution left to find peace and tranquility: he must steal Christmas. (Allocinéexternal link)

5. Jack Frost

As Christmas approaches, Jack Frost, the star singer of a group of musicians, decides to build with his son Charlie, a huge Christmas man. In order to communicate with the Christmas man, they gave him a magical harmonica Again called by his work, Jack leaves and gets lost in the blizzard. A year later, Charlie, inconsolable, pays tribute to his father by carving a snowman in his effigy and playing a few notes of his magical harmonica. The next day, the miracle happened.. (Allocinéexternal link)

6. Christmas with the Kranks

Tired of the commercial aspects of Christmas, Luther Krank and his wife Nora decided to "skip" this holiday, to give up gifts, decorations, cards, parties and instead offer themselves a cruise in the Caribbean. Obviously, that would be a major problem for the neighbors. If the Krank house is not decorated, the neighborhood will never win the Christmas decoration contest and no one accepts that. Between the Kranks and the neighbors, war is declared... (Allocinéexternal link)

7. Jingle All the Way

Like all children Jamie wants a Turbo Man for Christmas. Only his father, a stressed businessman, forgot his promise. He remembers this a few hours before the fateful handing over of the gifts and goes hunting for the Turbo Man, which is no longer available in any store. A race against time and other buyers of the toy is underway. (Allocinéexternal link)

8. The Holiday

An American woman (Amanda) and an English woman (Iris), both disappointed by the men, decide, without knowing each other, to exchange their apartments. Iris, will arrive in a dream house while the distinguished Amanda discovers a small, unpretentious country house. Both women think they're spending a peaceful holiday away from the male population, but that's about to change... (Allocinéexternal link)

9. Miracle on 34th Street

A man claiming to be Santa Claus is interned in a specialized institute. Convinced of his identity, a young lawyer decides to defend him.Un homme se prétendant être le Père Noël est interné dans un institut spécialisé. Persuadé de son identité, un jeune avocat décide prendre sa défense. (Allociné)

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10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington, King of Pumpkins and Halloween City Guide, is bored: for centuries, he has been tired of planning the same Halloween party that comes back every year, and he dreams of change. That's when he had the idea of taking over the Christmas party... (Allociné)

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