Cadeau corporatif original!

Original corporate gift!

For many business people in this world, holiday time is synonymous with corporate gifts. These famous gifts can be a puzzle for many. Indeed, it is rather difficult to find a gift that is practical, original and that fits the budget. Often, these gifts come back the same, year after year. You can think of the famous bottle of wine, for example. This year, Merry Easy Christmas has found a solution to counter this problem: a decorated Christmas wreath!

This corporate gift is out of the ordinary, thematic and easy! The decorated wreath can be offered to your clients, employees or loved ones. A decorative box, a hook and a personalized card with the desired text are included in the price.

Originally, the wreath represented health wishes; people offered wreaths to their loved ones. One thing led to another and the wreath became a sign of hospitality and warm welcome for the holiday season. The Bôsapin team decided to offer this gift option, because we want to spread out good health and hospitality to your clients, employees or loved ones for Christmas!

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