Alerte à la pénurie de sapins: ne tardez pas à vous en procurer un!

Tree shortage alert: don't delay in getting one!

The new season is slowly beginning, and tree growers are ready to serve their loyal customers. However, a very important issue is looming over them: the trees shortage. It is therefore necessary to hurry up and get one... The fir hunt has officially begun!

A persistent challenge

The fir market is facing a long-standing enemy : the Great Recession. Since 2008, some American producers have been forced to reduce their plantations, while others have simply gone bankrupt.1 As a result, the Quebec market has been overwhelmed by a wave of American customers.2 Thus, in a context where the demand for Christmas trees is flourishing, the supply is, on the contrary, decreasing.


The COVID-19 crisis also explains the strong demand, which would have increased by 25% in 2020.3 Indeed, health restrictions encourage caution and therefore a decrease in gatherings. To rekindle the magic of the holiday season, every household wants to buy a tree earlier than in previous years.3

A Vicious circle

The quantity of Christmas trees available on the market also depends on the growth cycle of a tree. In fact, this cycle varies between 8 and 10 years: a single bad season (caused by inadequate temperatures, for example) has serious repercussions on the producers' yield.3

In short, there are several causes affecting the fir market. These causes unfortunately prevent producers from meeting demand as they would like. Thus, customers will certainly have to reserve their trees: the quantity will be limited this year!


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