5 sports d'hivers méconnus

5 unknown winter sports


This Canadian-born sport is played on an ice surface the same size as a hockey rink. The broomball is between two teams with six players, who must, like hockey, score in the opposing goal. Instead of sticks, members use brooms (not to ride them like Quidditch in Harry Potter), but rather to use them to hit the ball, which replaces the puck. In terms of visibility, the balloon continues to expand. Due to the growth of the sport in Canada, in the United States and in other countries, the IFBA (International Federation of Broomball Associations), wants to bring the sport into the Olympic Games. Curious ?external link


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broomballexternal link

Snow Kite

The goal of the Snow Kite is to let yourself slip by the force of the wind, holding a kite firmly. By wearing skis or a snowboard, people who practice this sport experience unique sensations. Quick advice: to practice SnowKite and hope not to be hurt, you must first attend an introductory course of a few hours at Kite Montreal or Kite Force in Quebec City. Curious ?external link

Source : https://bit.ly/2pDrJNvexternal link


Fatbike is a sport that has been growing in popularity in the last few years. The first bicycle with large tires was the "mono trace tricycle" designed by the French cyclist Jean Naud in 1980. Equipped with large tires, the Fatbike provides excellent grip and handling in challenging grounds, such as snow, sand, and mud. In Quebec, you can practice this sport1external link at Mont-Bellevue, Mont-Tremblant and Oka National Park. Curious ?external link


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatbikeexternal link

Horseback skiing

An unknown sport does not necessarily mean recent. Indeed, as early as 1920-1930, people were already practicing horseback skiing or ski joering on the Plains of Abraham. What is Horseback skiing you'll ask me? In fact, it is a sport where a skier is pulled by a horse or dog. It's fun and it's fast! The ferme L'Auteuilloise de Lavalexternal link, a Quebec farm allows you to practice this.Curious ?external link

Source: https://bit.ly/2N4ztQMexternal link

Air boarding

Invented in Switzerland, Airboarding consists of lying down, head first, and then slide down winter slopes. To control the descent, you can use the handles on the sides of the air board. To avoid running into a tree or other obstacles, you must do a 90o with the mattress. Less difficult and expensive than downhill skiing, this sport could become more popular in the coming years. Curious ?external link

Source : https://bit.ly/32EiX0rexternal link

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